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I wandered to Grant Park more or less by accident while killing five hours between Amtrak trains. Even on a rainy, overcast day in late December, I have to say that the walk along Lake Michigan was one of the most enjoyable afternoons I could have imagined under the circumstances. (Grant Park is, in fact, along an 18-mile contiguous walking trail along the lake that passes virtually every major large-scale attraction in the city.)

So, Grant Park is bordered by the Lake, Michigan Avenue, Randolph Street, and Roosevelt Road. That means views of the impressive skyline on one side and the lake on the other. Grant is huge, includes the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum Campus, outdoor sculptures, massive green spaces, and sporting areas. It’s also adjacent to the Planetarium. Read the web page to get a better sense of it, but the combination of cultural attractions, outdoor activities, and views of the lake make this beautiful, well-managed civic attraction a total must-see to get  a sense of the Loop and surrounding area. I can’t believe I’d never seen it before now. Whether you like walking, jogging, quasi-legally fishing, seeing giant marble museums and their interiors, or just want to say you’ve done “Chicago’s Front Yard,” you really oughtta come here. Also: not something I normally say, because I don’t want families hanging around my dive bars, but would be an awesome place to take children.

Warning: there are geese and things geese leave lying around everywhere. Step cautiously.

-Jeremy S. via Yelp

This is a nice big park on the east edge of the Chicago Loop (the downtown area). It was designed by the same Civic-Engineer who designed parks in Washington DC and Paris. Grant Park borders Millennium Park to the North, The Art Institute and Michigan Avenue to the West, The Field Museum to the South, and Lake Shore Drive/Lake Michigan with its harbors to the East.

Statutes and stone walled scenic walkways are scattered throughout the park, and there is a Band Shell where free concerts are held in the Summer, and the huge and beautiful Buckingham Fountain. There is also a  lot of permanent and temporary public art.

Subterranean passageways and bridged-walkways connect the park to locations in all directions. In the summertime Grant Park is host to numerous festivals and events, including the (now defunct but hopefully soon to be revived (Taste of Chicago), as well as Jazz Fest, The Highland Games, and much much more. This is also the place where the city came to see The Pope speak – and where tens of thousands come to watch the 4th of July Fireworks display over the lake.

One reason why the park is so good for events is that it is mostly one enormous lawn, lined with a thin line of trees.

Numerous underground parking garages serve the park (expensive) – and there is metered parking on nearly every adjacent street (much cheaper).

Busses serve the park at all corners – and if you use the crosswalk to get to the harbor – there are inexpensive water-taxis that go from Grant Park to the Adler Planetarium and also Navy Pier.

-Eric F. via Yelp

Great place to visit! It’s so large you can spend the entire day here.

Besides New York, you will not find a better park like this. So this means if you are touring Chicago, you should definitely find out why Chicago is called the “Second City”. YOU MUST VISIT HERE WITH YOUR FAMILY!

Grant park encompasses the: Bean (Cloud Gate), Crown Fountain (two towers), Millennium monument (Wrigley Square), JP Pavilion, Lurie Garden (love this spot!), Tribune Ice Rink (open in winter), and more!

MoMo K. via Yelp

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