Grant Park Rose Garden

I call Grant Park Rose Garden a park inside of a park by the park.  So much to see in this area, we almost missed this little postage stamp sized garden.  Well, small in comparison to the surroundings.  The white curved trellis gave this place away.  Even in September, the roses were still fragrant, the bushes well manicured, we almost missed them in our rush to find Buckingham Fountain.  Please, please, please, take time to stop and smell the roses.

-Julie D. via Yelp

Beautiful oasis within Grant Park.  Very cute to walk through with my girlfriend.  Reminds me of the rose garden at the L.A. Coliseum.  I love Grant Park all together and have been there many times but never visited the garden.  Definitely stroll through if you’re in the area!

-Mallory S. via Yelp

Who knew this part of Grant Park had its own checking…..but it was there so I did it, and here is the review.   Only a small fragment of Grant Park but perhaps the most well manicured; a great attraction for wandering couple holding hands and (I have to say it) smelling the roses.  Being neither romantic or patient I just jog by, but it is very nice!

-Brandon B. via Yelp

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