Buckingham Fountain

at Jackson Drive

Buckingham Fountain is…. a beautiful fountain.

It’s somewhat iconic — one of the largest in the world — with a fantastic skyline behind it and easily recognized in the opening credits of several movies and shows like “Married With Children.”

I’ve walked by here dozens of times and enjoyed the mists from the wind blowing through the fountain. Seagulls flock through the air and search for food on the the ground (there is, I believe a little building where you can buy food nearby — not sure if this is just open during festivals). If you can come here when the crowds aren’t crazy for a festival, it’s rather peaceful. The fountain has some kind of water show that runs frequently through the day (only when the fountain operates during the warmer months of April-October), complete with lights and music during the evenings. In the winter months, holiday lights decorate the fountain.

Buckingham is walking distance to several popular spots in Chicago; if you find yourself spending a day or two in this city, try to visit the fountain. It’s free, so why not?

-Laura N. via Yelp

I proposed to my wife here – one summer night. The fountain was lit and the area around it was crowded with city-folk from all walks of like staring at it in wonder.

From afar – as one is driving up and down Lake Shore Drive, the fountain is delightful to see. As a Child I was told that this was the biggest fountain in the world. Whether that is true or not – it is impressive – and the citizens of Chicago are proud of it.

But the real wonder is when you actually walk around it – so that the mist hits you – and you can small the water – and hear its roar. This is impressive – especially at night when it is lit with colored lights.

This is not a sight to travel across the globe to see – but if you are here already – then it is an experience well worth checking out.

-Eric F. via Yelp

was walking around and wanted to check out the giant fountain at the park..during winter…when I know it wouldn’t be turned on…haha. The sculpture is very detailed. It’s just too bad it wasn’t on. Since I came here during winter, there wasn’t that many tourists around but you can still get it a great picture with the fountain off and have the Chicago buildings in the background.

-Corie L. via Yelp

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